Saturday, April 16, 2011

Osaka Farmers Market Video

Just before we left Osaka to return home to Tokyo, we visited a farmer's market I'd heard about while we there in January. I was able to make it to three others, but since it was just after New Year's, many of the markets weren't open then. (New Year's in Japan is like Christmas in the West. Essentially, everything shuts down so people can celebrate the holiday with family and friends.) I was also eager to get back into the groove of markets here since we'd spent February in America and the earthquake and my leg injury threw off most of our other plans for March.

The Odona Market did not disappoint, of course, and you can read all about my adventures there at this post at Summer Tomato. We also took this short video (my first and surely not the best you'll ever see) to offer up some of the sound and feel of the market on this early spring evening.

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