Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vinegar Article at Eco+Waza

Vinegar has long been a favorite item in my household. Invaluable in the kitchen for pickling and homemade salad dressings, it is also a very helpful cleaner. Possessing a naturally high acidity, vinegar gives mold and mildew a run for their money and makes a good basic disinfectant, too, that isn't harmful to the environment. Check out my article over at Eco+Waza for the full scoop, and then start using it in more places you thought possible!


Kevin said...

Eco-waza article is file not found.

Come by anytime for some persimmon vinegar. We have two buckets still fermenting in our living room. Should have taken care of that long ago, but by now it has become a normal fixture there - just like a couch.

Unknown said...

Page not found. :(

Unknown said...

I knew vinegar was good for cleaning - but didn't know that it got rid of mold and mildew! I like to clean naturally ~ thanks for sharing this.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks for being on top of it everyone! Updated link in place, and my apologies.

Kevin, I'd love some of that persimmon vinegar. Need help with the rice planting? We've been thinking about a visit, but wanted to time it to be helpful to you.