Monday, March 4, 2013

A Compendium of Favorite Winter Recipes

A little purple daikon for the chopping!
March slowly moves us from winter to spring. Eating with the seasons can sometimes feel a bit challenging as a result. Here are a handful of favorite recipes for those chilly evenings featuring things that should all be readily available this time of year.

Houtou Udon - A steamy bowl of noodle goodness if ever there was one. Kawaguchiko has made it their famous dish, but there's no reason not to whip up your own version.

Goma ai Shungiku - Serve these greens up hot or cold for a brilliantly colored side dish that is tasty and healthy to boot. It's worth mentioning that this can also be made with komatsuna, too. Simply shorten the cooking time slightly and the rest is all the same.

Kimchi - There is still a bounty of haksai (Chinese cabbage), winter greens, kabu, and daikon to be had, and what better way to make use of all that than a batch of kimchi. Chop and mix and then set it somewhere to stew away for later days.

C-Cafe's Kabu and Grapefruit Salad - A wonderful way to mix two seasonal favorites if ever there was one, this salad is the bomb-diggity. Easy on the eyes and on the taste buds, this little salad will fast become a seasonal favorite.

Nanohana no Kurashie - It's a tad bit early for this one, but it's worth keeping tab on this terrific recipe for when these great greens do begin to appear.

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