Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Umami: A Taste of Japan in Wisconsin

Umami's sign glowing above the snow.
While visiting the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems I received a very nice little publication called the Farm Fresh Atlas. Compiled and put out by REAP Food Group, another dreamy food-related organization in Wisconsin. The atlas is more like a local food lovers' almanac with maps. Here readers can find restaurants serving locally foods, farms, farmers markets, shops, CSA's, and more along with their contact information and, of course, a very nice map showing where they're located. Brilliant.

Paging through it over a cup of coffee at Memorial Union (Yes, it was a perfect visit to my alma mater), I noticed the word ramen. I paused. I'm not a huge fan, although I've come to enjoy a good bowl of noodles now and again. But the husband is, and I've met more than one satisfying bowl over these last few years.

That evening, of course, found us at Umami Ramen and Dumpling Bar. We ordered the ramen, tsukemono (a kind of Japanese pickle), and gyoza. It was heaven. The noodles are made around the corner at RP's Pasta, and the bowls come from the Midwest Clay Project literally just across the street. The vegetables, meat, and all else are also sourced locally, and it was a great taste of Japan in America.

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