Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Japan Farmers Markets in Outdoor Japan Summer Traveler

Summer 2013 Issue
I'm a firm believer that traveler's should work a visit to a local farmers market into their itineraries. It the best way to take a 'real' dip into Japanese culture and tradition while meeting locals. The language may be different and the vegetable perhaps odd looking, but two human beings coming together, especially over food, is a lovely thing. A sincere interest in what's on the table paired with an openness to a new experience all mixed with a hearty pinches of smiles and laughter makes a wonderful experience no standard guidebook offers.

As luck would have it, Gardner Robinson of Outdoor Japan feels the same way and in the most recent edition of their Summer Traveler can be found a little blurb about farmers markets. (See page 9 for the scoop!) There's heaps of other awesome stories in there, too, so after folks have had their fill at a nearby market (or before!) they can see what other adventures await. The magazine won't disappoint!

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