Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Snapshot: My Dad and Gooby

Dad and Gooby.
February, 2011
I don't often share pictures of a personal nature here, but my Dad has a birthday this month. We haven't been able to be home with him to celebrate in a long time. If we were there, there'd be brats on the grill, euchre around the table, a fair bit of trash-talking, and best of all, my Dad's laugh. It's not a belly laugh, but there is a rather 'Ho-ho-ho' quality to it, and to see his face wide with delight is a lovely thing. He's quiet but full of stories, and if you get him at the right time he'll start telling them and not stop. I love that, too. I'm not going to wax on and on about memories of summer afternoons fishing (mostly trout and bluegills) or meals out (Friday Night Fish Fry) or anything of that nature. I'll just say he's a good guy and I'm glad he's my dad.

Here he's pictured with Gooby, our Kazakhstan cat who passed away this February. She was quiet too, but full of her own stories and fun. This picture captures both of their characters rather well, I think, and never fails to make me smile.

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