Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Tsukemono article up at Metropolis

Umeboshi, one of the classic tsukemono, ready to dry.

Tsukemono are one of my most favorite things in Japan. They come in such a wide variety of textures and flavors that reflect not just the season but also the region. Hida Takayama is famous for their red kabu pickles while Chichibu is famous for their shakushina pickles. A recent article of mine in Metropolis covers the basic types of tsukemono and how they are made. 

For those interested in going deep into pickle culture, I'd recommend Quick and Easy Tsukemono by Ikuko Hisamatsu or one of Elizabeth Andoh's great cookbooks. (Andoh also regularly offers a tsukemono class that looks fantastically comprehensive and fun.) For those searching for online recipes, check out Just Bento. Makiko Itoh writes wonderfully about Japanese food and offers terrific recipes. Her cookbooks also look tantalizing. 

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