Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday Snapshot: Dried Bundles of Daikon in Kathmandu

There were many things about Nepal that were utterly amazing and beautiful and that require other adjectives I haven't created yet. However, one of my favorite things to explore were the market areas. While there were Western-style farmers markets, it was much more common to see streets or areas where people gathered to sell their wares - seeds, beans, hats, scarves, pottery, and so much more - just as they have for centuries.

The photo above is just one I took along such a street in such an area and shows a very typical selection of dried goods. The rolled bundles in the back, though, really caught my imagination. Mulatsana (dried, ropey daikon) is just that: daikon cut into strips, sun-dried, and then coiled up for storage. It had a sort of sweet-sour taste that I could easily imagine in takari (the curry Nepali's serve with their rice and dhal) or a soup.

A close-up of mulatsana and my foot...
It is also worth mentioning that I was on the Splice of Kathmandu tour offered by Social Tours, a gig I would totally recommend if visiting Nepal.

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