Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday Snapshot: Peas Climbing for Spring

Peas making their move in Ota-ku, Tokyo.
A recent story assignment took me to Ota-ku, one of Tokyo's original 23 wards. I arrived early for the Setsubun Festival, so I strolled about the nearby neighborhoods. Reminiscent of my favorite parts of the city, Asakusa and Nippori, this part of Ota-ku has a homey, shitamachi (downtown) feel to it without all the touristy distractions.

One hallmark of those places as well as Ota-ku is the presence of potted plants along sidewalks in front of homes and stores. These everyday gardens display pots and plants of all kinds, shapes and sizes, and are part of what makes Tokyo surprisingly green and a place where birds and insects can find some refuge and a snack.

This pot of peas, then, is not at all unusual, but no less wonderful for its commonness. It was a welcome sight of verdant life as were the plum blossoms I spotted not much later in a temple garden. Let the Spring season begin.

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