Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Yoga and Meditation: My Story at Metropolis Magazine

Yakushi-Nyorai at Tokozen-ji in Yokohama.

Two things that I have been curious for some time are yoga and meditation. I do both on a regular basis, and I find them both to be helpful as I attempt to stay limber for farming and sports as well as focused. Yoga and meditation offer more than that, too, of course, as I am just beginning to learn. I spoke with Leza Lowitz of Sun and Moon Yoga and Daigo Ozawa of Tokozen-ji about both of these topics for an article in Metropolis.

Both conversations were incredible, and I really had no desire to stop them. Both gave me plenty to think about as well as fascinating insights that I am still pondering today. I've had many great conversations in my time as a writer, and these were two of the best. What appears in the article is a small fraction, but I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired.

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