Friday, May 8, 2009

Maramalade Update!

Quick update: I took a jar along on our recent trip to Nagano Prefecture with One Life Japan. They invited us to stay at their house and help on the farm, so I thought it would be a good little gift. We ate it at breakfast our first morning there, and it was a wee bit nerve-wracking. Their homemade bread was hot from the stove, and two other guests were dying to get rolling. Everyone oohed and aahhed over the idea of the marmalade, and took an obligatory spoonful. 

As they munched, they mumbled nice things around the mouthfuls. It seemed good, but Japanese or English it was a little hard to understand. Then came the  moment of truth. The woman across from me, a total stranger, took a huge helping of SECONDS!!

The marmalade was good. And the jar was mostly empty by the time we left. Another good sign!


kevin said...

Our next customers also took huge helpings for breakfast the morning after you left (as we cringed because we did not want them to eat all the marmalade).

It was really the perfect bitterness, and it was much more popular than my sour-weed / apple jam. :)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

No worries! I'm thinking of making another small batch, so I'll bring it up with me next time I come. Unless I make something else nifty that you can all try. And I really liked the sour-weed/apple jam. That was my favorite. And I'm not just saying that to be polite, either.