Friday, August 20, 2010

Daisetsuzan Vista

Since I've offered up two posts on the little landscapes and everyday gardens of Daisetsuzan, I thought I ought to share a bit of the larger landscapes we walked through, too. Three of our six days there wrapped us in fog and rain, so we savored our three sunny ones. Those wet days undoubtedly had a beauty of their own, but my camera wasn't interested in capturing much of it.

Like the birds, dragonflies, butterflies and just about everything else we sprang into action when the clouds finally lifted and the sun came out. We covered as much ground as we could while drying out, and tried to make up for lost camera time. Here are a few favorites that don't do the park justice by any means, but perhaps offer an essence of what we discovered.

(For infinitely better photos and great information on hiking there check out our friend Ryan's website. You'll be donning hiking shoes in minutes flat!)

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