Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Squash Crop Update

While the popcorn harvest dries in the kitchen I've been out working in the garden to tidy things up and get ready for winter crops. And as I mentioned it's been a bit of a difficult year for me. Aphids jumped all over my zucchini and kole crops, so there wasn't much to reap there. The garlic harvest was also rather lackluster for any number of possible reasons, and for some time I've been more than a little concerned about the squash. Yellowing leaves along with blossom and fruit drop had me worried that yet another crop was about to simply contribute to the compost heap.

The popcorn has lifted my spirits, and much to my pleasure at least six squash - some Chirimen and some Shishigatani - are nestled under the leaves and growing steadily. I took a few photos the other day while weeding (nothing like a vacation for the weeds to move right in!) and like any proud parent I'm showing them off. Now, fingers are crossed that they make it all the way to harvest without mishap!


fer said...

That squash looks great

any good winter crop that you can recommend me for my balcony garden?

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Hmmmm...good question. I would recommend greens - broccoli, cabbage, komatsuna, mitsuna, shungiku (edible chrysanthemum greens), etc. - as they like cooler weather in general. Plus, they're tasty and healthy, too!

Oh, if you've got a deep container you could grow daikon or kabu! Those are lovely to eat.