Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Clean Slate

This morning Takashi-san plowed in the compost, seaweed, wood ash, eggshells, chicken manure, and bacteria spread yesterday to boost the garden soil. Next week I hope to do a bit of planting, and work on preparing the garlic bed.

Here's my current list of winter vegetables:
The first seven I grew last year, and savored every last morsel. I'm quite excited to grow them again, and plan to do a bit of blanching and freezing in preparation for the somewhat greens bleak summer months.

The next four - Chinese cabbage, kale, beets, and swiss chard - I have either not grown on my own or only grown as summer vegetables. As I've mentioned before, I'm going to experiment with them as winter vegetables. I think the greens will be particularly happy and should be relatively bug free due to the cold temperatures.

Garlic I have grown, and even though this last year it was a bit of a failure, I'm going to try again. I picked up some very nice looking organic garlic from EcoPlaza while doing an interview with the Earth Day Market folks that I think will grow nicely. I'm also reading up on what garlic likes best for growing, and plan to incorporate as much of that as possible. Thoughts and ideas, of course, are welcome!


~fer said...

Sounds like it will be a nice season.
I am planting komatsuna too, the seeds are so funny, blue and small.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Komatsuna seeds are funny. I always enjoy seeing seeds as they are often surprising. It is still simply amazing to me that so much can come from one tiny thing.