Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Good Month for Visiting

This morning we are at long last getting some much needed rain and some very welcome cooler weather. Old friends who arrived yesterday must have brought it with them, and we're glad their touring days with us will be comfortable, albeit a bit damp.

That said, I've snuck in some time at the farm and garden and computer, but I've only got very rough drafts about our trip to Hakuba. And a recipe for squash butter is in the works while my recently harvested squash wait patiently on the counter. And the tulip and crocus bulbs are in the garden, but a small handful are waiting to be potted for the balcony gardens, too. And I've got a lovely bunch of seeds waiting to be set in the garden for winter eating, too. How is it possible there is so many wonderful and fun things to do everywhere I turn?

Meanwhile, though, we'll be off touring in the city and surrounding areas. I'll post as I can - promise!


~fer said...

With this rain and cold it certainly feels like autumn is here.
Have fun touring the city!

by the way, where do you get your bulbs?

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

We will have fun, and we're grateful for the cooler days. It's off to sumo shortly, as well as some other usual sights. I'm managing to catch sight of a few gardens - large and small, famous and everyday - along the way, too. It's good fun.

I got the bulbs at a garden center just south of our station. They seemed pretty reasonably priced and of pretty good quality, too. Fingers crossed they pop up next spring!