Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Lycoris: A Japanese Favorite

Along with the tulip and crocus bulbs planted last week in the west wall bed I also put in three bulbs of Red Lycoris. This time of year the flowers can be seen everywhere, and in my quest to increase the color and texture of my garden it seemed like a brilliant idea to add them to the mix. They are not one of the seven fall flowers of Japan, but they're fast becoming a new favorite of mine. (Although, I will say I'm simply a fool for flowers so that's not so surprising.)

I've been impressed so far by the lantanna and lavender with their staying power for color and texture, and wanted to build on that. Red Lycoris reminds me of Spider Flower (a.k.a. Cleome) in it's bloom shape, but I like it's straight delicate stem more. I also like that's it's leaves will add pleasant green texture to the garden bed, too. I like the idea that folks strolling by find something nice to look at, too, and so I confess that I plant with an audience in mind.

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