Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hokkaido Expedition: After Square One

Posts have been sparse these past days since leaving Square One to begin bike touring in Eastern Hokkaido. Our expedition is rather make-shift in all regards: folding bikes with added on baskets, urban and regular camping, local train only travel via juhachi kippu, Couchsurfing, Rider Houses, and, of course, plenty of visits to local gardens, national parks, farmers, and out-of-the-way food places. Internet and cell phone connections are sparse, so I've been trying to Tweet as much as I can, and taking copious notes and photos along the way. It's been amazingly beautiful and interesting, and I'm in slightly better shape now to boot. What more could a girl ask of vacation?

(Although, I would be happy to omit the two recent earthquakes near where we are staying. That's an adventure I'm not interested at the moment.)

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