Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Bee Haiku

Each year the Blogathon opts for a haiku theme day. Years past I've written about my mini-tambo (my first personal rice a cup) and about a stunning ornamental peach that grew near the farm gate. (It succumbed to a typhoon last fall, but is now sprouting vigorously, much to our delight.)

This year I'm penning one in awe of our field of norabo (a traditional green not unlike kale in taste and texture that is usually grown in the foothills and mountains further west of here) that we've let go to seed. It's somewhat uncharacteristic of the farmers to have made this choice, but I'm so very pleased. The yellow flowers have a heady scent and walking to and from other fields the buzzing sound emanating from these rows is delightful. I should have taken a video.

Norabo Cocktail Party
Yellow flowers blooming bright.
Heavy with pollen,
Bees humming sip happily.


Anjuli said...

I loved the picture your piece conjured up in my mind!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks, Anjuli. I haven't been over to the farm yet this morning to see if the plants are still there, but I hope so. It was extraordinary!