Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Third Time's the Charm: Blogathon 2012 Underway

Taken at Koyasan. He looks ready for anything!
I might be a bit mad to do the Blogathon again this year, but it is irresistible. I meet new people, learn a new skill, gain readers, push my writing to new levels, experiment, and feel a huge sense of accomplishment by the end of the month. Here is where I met Real Time Farms, Intralingo, and where the weekly calendar of Tokyo Farmer's Markets began. It is simply the best.

Not to mention it often helps me get back in the groove of writing the blog again. The last few months my posts have been down as I've put my energies into other aspects of my writing career. Writing reviews, submitting pitches, conducting interviews, as well as puzzling together the words and pictures that make a piece I feel content with have been my focus. It's been great fun, and I'm finding out that my mother and mother-in-law are not the only people out there who think I have something worthwhile to say. (That said, I do value their opinions highly, and see them as some of my best editors.) I'm grateful.

So, at the start of one of the farm's busiest seasons with a fledgling writing career in tow and weeds at the ready, here I go again!


Anjuli said...

YIPEE- we are starting the blogathon together AGAIN! :) I can't wait to keep up with your blog again- sorry I have been MIA- had a new grandchild...and I'm probably going to be going crazy trying to keep up with the blogathon but I figure- I'm already crazy, so why not just prove it !! :)

VP said...

Good luck! I do NaBloPoMo in November (blog everyday for a month) which seems to get tougher each year I do it.

Looks like you've got a good set of goals to get you to the finish line :)

Kris @ Attainable Sustainable said...

Good for you! I just couldn't pull it off this year - I'm working on a big project that's taking up a lot of my time, plus I'll be away for a number of days. I'll try to get by to see what you're up to!