Friday, January 25, 2013

Tokyo Farmer's Markets: January 26th and 27th

Our friends at One Life Japan and their yummy rice.
Shameless marketing on my part, but it's really good.
Jeepers, where did January go? A surprise snow, a trip to Nagano, farming, writing, and markets made the month fly by. (Oh, and Japanese study, too.) It's shocking, really. And soon we're off to America to visit, eat, roam the countryside, eat, visit markets, eat, and eat. (I usually gain about 3 kilos.)

However, on the to the relevant stuff here: Tokyo farmers markets! OK, the selection is small but excellent this weekend. The Earth Day Market is also hosting a ceramics show, so plan to find something to go with those awesome vegetables and fruits. The UNU Market will rock it as always, so just plan to have fun. A visit last weekend to the Yurakucho Market found it still going strong and brimming with awesome items. It's seriously worth the journey. And, lest I leave them out, the Saturday Roppongi Market is on and awesome as ever, too. An extended interview with the manager in  preparation for an article only deepened my affection for that little spot. I have found something in Roppongi to love, and it's a farmers market. See you at the market!

Sunday, January 27th
I could go wax on forever about how great this market is and how important it is for the future of Japanese farming. Instead, I'll just insist that folks go and see for themselves what great things the market and these innovative growers are doing.
10am to 4pm, Rain or shine!

Every Saturday and Sunday starting January 12th
A massive weekend affair that is great fun and features a variety of fruits and vegetables and prepared products from all over Japan. Plus, the curry I had during my last visit from one of the vendors was plate-licking good. (I refrained, but only just.)
10am to 4pm

Every Saturday in January starting January 12th
A first visit to this market was well worth the trek for the number of organic growers and getting to meet a Tokyo farmer from just down the tracks in Kokobunji!
10am to 2pm

May be suspended.**
Another nice market not far from the sumo stadium in Ryogoku it's worth casing out for the neighborhood as well as the vendors.
11am to 5pm

Yurakucho Farmer's Market
Every Saturday and Sunday starting January 12th
Another great market somewhere in size between Kichijoji and the United Nation's University Farmer's Market, it often features from a particular growing region as well as heaps of farmers and producers from nearby Chiba and Saitama, too.
11am to 5pm
Directions: Turn left out of the station and cross the courtyard toward Tokyo Kouku Keitan. Look for the fun under the overhang!

Know of a market? Give me a shout and we'll add it to the list!


Unknown said...

Wow, what a change from our local markets here in the heat!

Martin J Frid said...

So fun to bump into Mr L B at Earth Day Market, but I missed Mrs. I bet you were busy interviewing someone, do hope to read about it here. Your blog is such an inspiration. Keep it up, Joan, we need resources like this.

I used your blog to schedule a very tight walk from Shibuya, through Earth Day, then all the way via Omote Sando to UNU and the farmers market there. A lot of fun for our guests from Finlandy3...

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Yeah! I'm glad it was useful. But I'm sorry I missed seeing you. Perhaps next time? We'll be back in March.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

And I'm sure it is quite a change from the heat down under. You're always welcome here to cool your heels a bit!