Monday, January 7, 2013

Visiting One Life Japan

Persimmon caps and snow
It seems like nearly a hundred years ago now that we arrived in Japan. Before we came I did some research to try and learn about growing things in Tokyo. My fumblings brought me, thankfully, to One Life Japan. Kevin and Tomoe proved incredibly helpful in filling me in on things like a rainy season, food in general, and what the adjustment might be like. It made our new adventure seem a little less scary.

Once we arrived, of course, we looked them up. One of our first trips out of Tokyo was to join them on a trip. We ventured up north to Nagano Prefecture and soon found ourselves on top of a thatched roof trying to be helpful while also trying not to fall off. We stayed in our first ryokan and I visited their tambo (rice field), my first, and helped do a very little bit of field preparation. I also met my first sansai (mountain vegetables) and began learning that Japan is full of more good things than I could ever have imagined.

So, we're off to see them again and get in a little snow time. We're looking forward to a good visit and some nice chilly weather. Surely, more adventure awaits!


VP said...

It's amazing how the internet brings far away places and people closer together and wonderful how it helped you settle more quickly into your new home.

Enjoy your trip!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Many thanks! It was a lovely time, although everything was buried under at least three meters of snow. It was heaven for us.