Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Make Your Own Mini Greenhouse

Prepping the soil in the greenhouse.
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Back in the wilds of April I planted a few seeds. This is not particularly remarkable given the time of year and my interest in all things growing. What was remarkable was that I planted them in an egg carton that I then placed inside a plastic bag that I then set in our sunny bedroom window. Then the things that shocks me every single time occurred: the seeds sprouted. They since turned into seedlings that have since been planted on our balcony for transformation into this years green curtain.

The egg carton greenhouse has also undergone something of a transformation. While cardboard is the preferred container for its biodegradability, I recently learned the merits of plastic. (I won't advocate the use of plastic specifically, but I will advocate the use of what you have on hand.) At a recent workshop I gave at an Eco Fair in Tokyo plastic is what I had. The many smiling faces should be evidence enough that it worked well.

We also wrote up the technique at ecotwaza so folks could try it at home for themselves. I'm hopeful to hear of other variations on the theme, too. And eager to hear stories of sprouting plants all over the city cared for by a fresh round of new farmers.

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