Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Snapshot: Wishing Well

Wishing coins in China.
Last September we had the great pleasure of spending time with good friends in China. We spent a few days in Beijing, then went on to our friend's hometown. It was an amazing two weeks with unforgettable food, lots of laughter, and plenty of sight-seeing. We visited major sites, but we also spent a great deal of time simply wandering the streets of whatever city we landed in. We also tried plenty of random foods, which resulted in befriending the candy lady at a local supermarket. (I really like sweets.) She didn't speak a word of English and we don't speak Chinese, but we managed to build a kind of friendship via our daily visits.

One of our favorite days, though, was spent at a small temple and nature park our friends recommended. We hiked around, protected our bags from the monkeys, and said our prayers for future hopes. One idea was to drop a coin in a small fountain. If it floated, your wish would come true. Above are our two coins. Our friends wish, I believe, recently came true with the birth of their second son. I don't recall my wish. Whatever it was it has surely come out for the best.

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