Sunday, January 11, 2009

Greening the Garden Guidelines

(Note: I also blog for Project Grow now and again, and this post will also appear there. Hence, the shameless marketing of that organization.)

This great article in the New York Times about the Sustainable Sites Initiative is a really fascinating read. The idea is to offer guidelines for landscaping similar to those that now exist for green building. Use of native plants, permeable walkways, and rainwater catching (for lack of a better phrase) are integral parts of the system.

To view the full report, visit and offer your two-cents until January 20th.

Feel inspired to begin creating your own sustainable site?

Well, you can:

Sign up for the Landscaping with Native Plants class taught by Greg Vaclavek of Native Plant Nursery. Better yet you could take the whole Organic Gardening Certificate Program offered in conjunction with Washtenaw Community College.

Or you can attend The Stewardship Network Conference at the end of this month! An inspirational two days of talks and presentations about native plants and restoration efforts in Michigan and the Midwest.

Plan to take a field trip to Wildtype Native Plant Nursery as well as peruse their helpful articles on native plants.


Anonymous said...

I love Project Grow. I was on their board until recently...what a great group of folks! :)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

they are just great! I've really enjoyed my time with them so far. It's been great fun.