Friday, January 2, 2009

Healthy Eating on a Budget

We often talk about eating healthy, but since I've not been working we are paying more attention to our bills. I'm not saying we didn't pay attention before, but let's just say there was less of a lump in my throat when the amount due flashed on the register screen. It does sometimes feel tricky to eat healthy, organically, and locally on a budget. While I intellectually understand why it's important to eat that way the amounts I am being charged sometimes give me pause.

We are not poor, but we are watching our pennies. We are moving to work in March, but in the meantime we still have ourselves, two cats, chickens, and two goldfish to feed. And our other expenses have not stopped and some have increased. This past month alone two laptops died, the holidays arrived with joy and expense, our refrigerator left the building, and the bitter cold temperatures caused the furnace to run more.

So this list of twenty healthy foods for under $1 is inspiring and offers some relief. We eat a number of these foods already, and I would bet that purchasing them organically or in a non-bg-box store would result in a price mark-up. These items, of course, are unprocessed foods that require mixing, preparing, and cooking. If you're like us with more time than money at the moment, you might as well hang out in the kitchen learning to make tasty treats.

One of our favorite meals includes kale sauted with garlic (not on the list but it's still good for you) and pumpkin seeds, rice, and tofu. The rice takes the longest, but once it gets rolling you can move on to another project. The tofu requires some attention while frying it up, but not much. We dip it in soy sauce, dredge it in a mix of herbs (randomly selected with varying levels of success), and fry it up in olive oil.


Anonymous said...

HI Joan! Since I'm too old to attend your party tonight, I'm reading your blog. Gotta do what you can for kicks when you get to my age! I followed a link from the twenty foods page to Orange Hummus. What would Maan say about that? Check it out - very non-traditional. Thanks for the informative entry - just thought of another nutritious cheapie: sprouts! Lots of bang for your food buck.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks for the note, Cathy! You would have been most welcome last night, although I'm grateful you read some of the blog. Sprouts - I know nothing about for thought!