Monday, March 7, 2011

Fresh Vegetables at Narita Airport

The last thing I thought I would see when we emerged from Immigration and Customs at Narita Airport on Friday was fresh produce. Packaged tsukemono, a few sembei, and sake would have been par for the course, but fresh eggs? Brilliant salad greens with a bright red radish? Assorted kinds of rice and soy beans? Daikon? No way! These are things I fully expect to see at my neighborhood vegetable stalls, but not at the airport.

Turns out it wasn't a foggy jet-lag dream after all. There they were in their fresh, leafy, gleaming glory. Strawberries, multiple-hued eggs, tomatoes, salad greens, ropey gobo (burdock), satoimo, and more enticed travelers to pick up something fresh for their wait, for the ride home, or as a gift. If we weren't rushing to our bus, and if I hadn't been on crutches and unable to help with our luggage I would have snapped up a handful of things to be supportive and get some good green vegetable juice moving through my veins once more. (We ate extremely well on our trip, but we desperately missed our daily dose of fresh, green vegetables.) Instead, I just snapped a few quick photos and thanked the proprietor for having such a great little store before hobbling off as quick as I could for the next leg of our journey home.

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