Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Sources for News on Earthquake

I'll get back to gardening and growing shortly, but I also wanted to share the sources we follow for our news about the earthquake. A number of folks at home and elsewhere have asked. (I'm including another plum blossom photo because it's a little thing that gives me great comfort and pleasure at the moment.)

Wild as it may seem, it's proven invaluable. We follow TimeOutTokyo tweets for links, translations of news conferences, and general Tokyo information. I just started following Makiko Itoh yesterday for her outstanding translations and on-top-of-it-all information. Better known as the author of Just Hungry - a blog about Japanese food and culture that I also follow - she's a no-nonsense writer/foodie.

You can also follow me on Twitter (see the column at the right where my Tweets are listed) for the snippets I pass along.

NHK, Japan's primary broadcaster, has an English translation channel that we listen to also.
Al Jazeera easily has some of the best broadcast news, too. CNN (no offense) tends to be a bit inflamatory-scary. Al Jazeera feels quite honest, calm, and objective, which makes even baddish news seem somehow palatable.

Quake Updates
This USGS Site is where we go immediately after a quake occurs to see it's location, magnitude, and time.

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