Monday, November 12, 2012

Japan Farmers Markets Presenting at Oxfam Japan This Month!

A typical swingin' Earth Day Market in Tokyo!
Oxfam Japan and the Oxfam International Volunteer Group put on an awareness-raising event each month in an effort to let folks know what is happening globally and locally around an issue of import. Inspired by the global organization's GROW Campaign (check out the report on their findings thus far) the November event will be all about farmers markets.

Yours truly will be speaking about why farmers markets matter to producers and consumers of food, rural economies and communities, and more. The following day I'll be taking interested folks around to the Earth Day Farmers Market in Yoyogi to meet some farmers, producers, and new vegetables. Come join in the fun!*

*The events page appears to be troubled at the moment, so just drop me a note in the comments below or via Twitter and I'll get you registered.

Oxfam International Volunteer Group Awareness Workshop: Why Farmers Markets Matter
Saturday, November 24th
2pm to 4pm
National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre, Central Building, Room #108
1,000 yen (all proceeds to Oxfam!)

Earth Day Farmers Market Tour
Sunday, November 25th
10am to 12pm
Meet on the bridge to Meiji Shrine near Harajuku Station.


Leroy said...

I would like to join your November 25, 2012 Earth Day Farmers Market tour. So all I have to do is show up at the bridge near Harajuku station at 10 a.m.?


Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Quite right, Leroy. I'll see you there. You may want to send along your phone number so I can reach you in case I run into difficulty. I won't, of course, publish that. Or you can send your email, which I also won't publish here. Many thanks!