Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nara Organic Farmers Market Review Up at Japan Tourist!

Loving the Nara Organic Farmers Market!
Autumn is a wonderful time to head to Kyoto and Nara to take in the sites in their coats of colorful leaves. We were just there two weeks ago with my mother-in-law and all three of us fell in love with both cities all over again. One of the best parts of Nara, though, other than the giant Buddha and Nigatsu-do, is the organic farmers market. A monthly event quite similar to Tokyo's Earth Day Market (the managers know each other), the Nara market is smaller but just as bounteous. It's a nice change from temple viewing, and it gives tourists a welcome opportunity to momentarily step off that beaten path of monumental buildings and historic sites. The free samples alone make it worth a stop.

Check out the article over at Japan Tourist, and add it to the list of things to see and do when in the neighborhood!


Christian Rene Friborg said...

Can't wait to visit Kyoto this holiday!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

You'll love it. Have fun! (But Nara is amazing!)