Monday, November 26, 2012

Oxfam Presentation and Earth Day Market Tour Fun

A glorious November Earth Day Farmers Market in Yoyogi.
This past weekend found me talking to folks at Oxfam Japan's monthly educational session about farmers markets and why I think they're worth the effort. Since I can't help but chat a bit even while I'm meant to be all official and everything, we ended up having some really nice conversations about food, memory, family history, and farming. Nearly everyone decided to join me the next day for a visit to the Earth Day Farmers Market in Yoyogi.

The whole gang ready to discover new food and fun!
Hello, apples.
Sunday bloomed beautifully sunny with just the right of amount of cold in the air as we headed over to the stalls set up under the elms. Verdant winter greens, carrots of all colors, jams galore (a personal favorite), apples, pears, mikan, daikon, kabu, honey, and more greeted us.

Winter vegetable sampler

Steaming amezake

Welcoming samples of grilled mochi and cups of hot amezake (A sweet, hot winter beverage made from sake leavings; the bottom of the barrel never tasted so good!) helped us along, and shopping bags gradually began to fill. Cautious at first, my new friends found the prices quite reasonable, the atmosphere awesome, and the selection good. I overheard more than one conversation about what to cook that night and this week. I believe I've created a new bundle of regulars to this lovely little market, and that is the best harvest ever.
Enjoying miso onigiri.
A young shopper at work.

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