Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day Tokyo Event

Last weekend we made our way with a friend over to Yoyogi Park to check out the Earth Day Tokyo event. ( I fully intended to post this sooner, but our photos from the day were lost in a memory card shuffle. Hence, no photos, but Treehugger offers some good ones.)

We went on Sunday in the middle of the afternoon, thinking that things may have died down a bit. Well, they hadn't. Enthusiasm was still running high, and thick crowds of people meandered past the booths where farmers sold seeds, seedlings, and talked about what they produced. (Seeing the lines of people wanting to talk with them made the trip worth it in itself.) And past the folks selling handmade soap, hemp hand-dyed yarns (I really wish I had the pictures of these! Great colors. These folks were my favorites right after the farmers.), handcrafted jewelry, earth-friendly bags and accessories, and clothhing. And the displays about alternative energy sources, healthy food products, and so much more. 

There was plenty of the usual hippy stuff, and opportunities to outfit yourself like green is your lifestyle. While I love that sort of thing myself, it still leaves me feeling a bit sceptical about the sincerity of my fellow surveyors. They, most likely, think the same thing about me (or don't think of me at all, probably), which is only fair. Yet, I find that not everyone with dreadlocks is someone I would agree with about how to live in this world.

Our hotdog-on-a-stick shaped like a lollipop was a bit gross (and tasty, I confess), although I was thankful to find that the Earth Day Kitchen this year was all organic. Greasy, but good for the planet!

I was pleased to notice that The Farmer's Kitchen – supplied by local organic farmers – had a long line despite being sold out of almost everything. I haven't had a chance yet to go to this restaurant, but I'm looking forward to a future field trip. I was also really impressed at the sale of bowls or plates along with a fork or chopsticks for 100 yen. We missed out on the organic beer, which was deeply disappointing for at least one of our party.

It was a lovely day and weekend for the event, and although I haven't heard or seen a final total for how many were in attendance, I assume they hit their estimated mark of 130,000. It was good to see such enthusiasm, whether well directed or not. These sorts of things always have their pros and cons, but it is still a beginning, a place to move from where we are now. 

I do recommend cruising the assorted sites and pages linked to Earth Day Tokyo 2009. While I can't read a think except for the occasional letter, I really enjoyed myself. This link and its accompanying graphic of a seed sprouting and then blooming (tane is seed in Japanese) is probably one of the loveliest I've ever seen. 

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