Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stewardship Workday!

I'd do this if I could, but I'm in Japan. This Stewardship Network workday takes place in my Michigan neighborhood on the land of beloved family and friends, and it is a chance to spend time in one of the prettiest spots there is with some of the best people. The Kolon and Kellum families, longtime friends, work hard with and for the land they live on and love. It's worth joining them to learn and lend a hand.

Iron Creek Properties

The River Raisin headwaters are near the southern extent of what is referred to as the Southeast Michigan Headwaters Region. The region, loosely defined by the headwaters of ten river systems, is recognized as a high quality area by the Nature Conservancy and other Stewardship Network partners. Iron Creek between Mud Lake and Iron Creek Millpond is representative of the headwaters area and is recognized for its unspoiled habitats and intact plant communities, where several special concern and threatened species have been identified. With nearly forty separate property owners, this stretch of creek is subject to an array of management priorities.

The Kellum and Kolon family properties, totaling over 370 acres, are adjacent to each other and to Iron Creek. The two families share an interest in natural areas management. Goals for the properties are to:

· Identify and protect quality and remnant plant communities
· Prioritize management projects
· Involve newcomers and youth in stewardship activities
· Stimulate interest in neighboring Iron Creek property owners
· Serve as a catalyst for ecosystem health dialogue throughout the watershed.

Wondering how all this translates to your own property? A very unique opportunity awaits you to visit these private properties and take the “what-should-I-do?” answers back to your own land.

Iron Creek Properties Work Days
10:00 am to 1:00 pm

The 2nd Sunday of every month
Kellum Property: 11007 Mull Hwy., Tipton
Kolon Property: 11677 Noggles Rd, Manchester

April 5 – Kellum, general management plan for selected focus area, introduction to prescribed burning, burn strategies, burn preparation, tools and techniques.

May 10 – Kolon, general management plan for selected focus area, after burn review, garlic mustard strategy and pulling.

June 14 – Kellum, after burn review, inventory invasive infestations and introduction to basic invasive eradication with chemical and hand techniques.

July 12 - Kolon, invasive brush removal and thinning of saplings

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