Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blueberries on the way!

That sweet little patch of budding bushes is turning into fat blueberries even as I type. The bushes are in full leaf, of course, and as we've worked in the nearby fields planting, harvesting, pruning, and staking, the blueberries working away each day, too. We've got a few still in the freezer from last year, and I'm hoping to harvest enough for at least one batch of jam. There's a U-Pick place just up the bike path near the nashi orchard, so just maybe my berry dreams can come true!


Anjuli said...

Will love to hear about the berry picking- and the jam making! The pic looked great.

p.s.- finally got the books off to you- they said it will take 7 days because I sent them book post. (to the address you gave me)- one is a gardening booklet and the other is my book

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I confess, Anjuli, that I picked a handful today for snacking (those did not make it home) and for our breakfast tomorrow morning. If they last that long....

Thanks for sending the books! I'm quite excited, and really just so pleased. It's awfully sweet of you!