Friday, June 11, 2010

Mulberries In Season

While walking along a rural road in Chiba (an agricultural area just south of Tokyo as full of rice fields and farms as this city is of sidewalks and train tracks) we discovered much to our delight that the mulberry trees were in full fruit. An already delightful afternoon stroll turned even better (and a wee bit purple around the fingertips) as we joined this little snail in an afternoon snack.


Kevin said...

Holly cow! You will love it here in a few weeks. Mulberry is a weed here. I collect the leaves for the local schools silk worms (the only thing they eat) and for the school goats (somethings they really love) But it is seriously a weed. A very troublesome weed according to the neighbors. I find it a delicious treat.

Lastly, be on the lookout for gummi. My favorite. I planted a tree last year but it got mostly demolished by snow. Your area should be in full fruit by now.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

It's considered a bit of a weed tree in America, as well, but I still love those berries! I made a tasty jam a couple years ago with raspberries from Grandma's patch (just out her back door) and mulberries from neighboring trees. It was lovely. I really should have brought a canner back.

Kevin, what's gummi?

Anjuli said...

I must have seen Mulberries while living in Japan- but I don't remember them. I lived in Chiba-ken- but more towards Tokyo- in fact, Tokyo Disneyland was just a hop, skip and a jump from our apartment- we would watch the hanabi on the warm summer nights.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Very cool, Anjuli! That must have been fun. Mulberries are almost everywhere, but folks don't usually take much notice unless they happen to notice the spots left on the cement by the falling berries. It's too bad, really. They're such a great little fruit.