Sunday, September 25, 2011

In Terms of Vegetables: Translation Philosophy

We're back home in Tokyo and getting settled in after our trips to Hokkaido and England. Both were extraordinary adventures, but it's nice to be home again and getting into old routines. While I'm running around catching up on chores in the garden, at the farm, and here at the computer I thought I'd share a post I wrote about translation for Intralingo. Being back in Japan and relearning how to wrap my mind and tongue around the language and grammar here has me pondering the topic all over again.

Language is probably the most important tool I could possess at the moment, but it can be the most difficult to wield. Sometimes it feels cumbersome and overwhelming, and to be honest there are times when I simply want to give up. But then comes a moment of revelation or learning, the spark of a new friendship, and I am motivated to pick it up, dust it off, and dig in again.


Lisa Carter said...

Hi, Joan! Jumping between two languages can be exhausting, for sure. But then there are those moments when you find other words simply coming out of your mouth that the listener understands, and you realize, "Hey! Wait! That was me! I just spoke in X language and was understood!" There's nothing like that feeling.
Keep up the language learning and sharing your gardening/life adventures in Japan. I love following along. ;-)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks so much, Lisa! It is surprising sometimes, too, how natural it can feel to speak this other language. It's fun! And thanks for reading!