Friday, September 16, 2011

Tokyo Farmer's Markets: September 17th and 18th

A little more action in terms of farmer's markets this weekend! Grab a shopping bag and head on out to explore the city and get some good fresh vegetables. Remember, too, that markets are a fun place to take visitors whether from abroad or just another city in Japan. The UN University Night Market is an especially unique outing, and Kichijoji in general never disappoints.

Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th
11am to 5pm

Saturday, September 17th
- until 8pm!

Every Saturday in September
10am to 2pm

Every Saturday and Sunday in September
11am to 5pm

Every Saturday and Sunday in September
10am to 4pm

This week's photo is from our visit to Nemuro in Hokkaido. A community gathering to remember the loss of the Kuril Islands after the war and the struggle to get them back from Russia sported some local food and this vegetable truck. Nemuro is primarily a fishing area with fierce winds and unpredictable weather year-round, so gardening and farming is pretty challenging. All of the produce on this truck came from other parts of the island.

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