Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday Snapshot: Cave Ceiling at Silver Falls State Park

Detail of rocks and lichen at Silver Falls State Park.
Our time in Oregon was filled with a number of firsts for me: first time to see an anemone, first time to have beer with lactic acid, and the first time to walk behind a waterfall. The last is something I have wanted to do since childhood. Perhaps it was a Sherlock Holmes story or some other novel where the characters ventured behind the curtain of rushing water in the course of their adventure. Whatever the source, I'd completely forgotten about it until hiking at Silver Falls State Park.

My husband, sister-in-law and I decided on our first evening to explore and stretch our legs after a long drive. By this time in our trip, I'd had more than enough of cars and driving, so the forest and a trail were welcome reprieves. I'd forgotten how much America relies on the car for every little thing, and I'd come to dread it. It was convenient, but it seemed so wasteful and silly. Why not have trains or busses that would provide jobs, get people places safely and promptly, that would help revive economies and reduce carbon emissions? All of that, though, is fodder for a different post. Suffice it to say, I was glad to put my legs to good use.

The sun was giving serious thought to setting as we started. The light caught in the moss that clung to the trees and boulders, birds called, and somewhere in the near distance we could hear a rush of water. The river, though, seemed too small and narrow to produce such a sound; however, North Falls appeared soon after.

Panoramic photo of the trail behind North Falls. 
Coming straight down to the river below, the river had carved out a wide basin that gave the falls a dramatic setting. We stood awestruck for a moment as we watched the water fall and fall. Then we realized the trail went behind the falls. Cut deep into the cliff, we stood again in amazement as the sound of the river surrounded us and the sun filled the cavern with warm light.

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