Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday Snapshot: Dandelions After the Rain

Dandelion seed heads after a recent rain.
I am a big fan of the dandelion. I do tend to post about them here and their benefits for the soil, but I just can't help myself. Plus, they are still just glorious. I love how they shimmer and shine, whether as sunny yellow blooms or delicate globes of seeds.

Dandelions all aglow at the end of the day.
I love how they pull nutrients up from deep in the soil and help work the soil with a delicacy and efficiency I can only imagine. I love how they taste in my salad and how they make a lovely mulch when laid on the soil. I am probably one of the few who shamelessly encourage them to grow in my garden, but gladly accept what they offer and make room for more. There's nothing to lose.

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