Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday Snapshot: Salamanders in the Garden

Salamander loitering on the bag of leaves in my garden.

These little guys seem to have taken up residence in my garden this year. Perhaps feasting on the large number of frogs that have been cavorting there of late, they seem to also enjoy the leaves I spread as mulch last fall. A quick bit of research shows that they also eat a number of garden pests, although, they are somewhat indiscriminate. I like the frogs and some of the other critters they like to dine on, but still I'm happy to see them.

I don't use chemicals of any kind in the garden, and I have made an effort to leave various bits of debris in place. This isn't just because I am a wee bit lazy (I am), but because I know that the various creatures that help me garden make good use of those dried stems, bits of wood, and jumbled messes of old vines for hibernating, sheltering families, and snacking on garden pests. It's nice to build community of all kinds.

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