Saturday, June 16, 2018

Annual Events in Japan

Annual Events in Japan by Noriko Takano
My post the other day on ajisai reminded me of two books I'd bought a handful of years ago. Annual Events in Japan: Spring and Summer, and Annual Events in Japan: Autumn and Winter by Noriko Takano are children's books that are charming and informative.

We join the Rabbit Family as they make their way through the year and enjoy the traditions and practices of each season. Each month is introduced with the translation of its kanji name, i.e. September is Nagatsuki (Month of Long Nights) and short explanations of holidays, house cleaning activities, seasonal foods, and translations of other small details that for many long-term residents have been nagging questions we never quite get around to researching.

While obviously aimed at children, the adults among us will also find the books a useful reference throughout the year. Enjoy!

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