Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bamboo Carvings at Mishima Skywalk

Detail of Mount Fuji from the bamboo carving at Mishima Skywalk.
 During our garden club outing, we visited the Mishima Skywalk. Finished just this past year, the Skywalk is essentially a giant bridge with views to Suruga Bay and Numazu one direction and Mount Fuji the other. It was fun, but what I was particularly intrigued by were the bamboo carvings set up at the far end.

A not-terribly-attractive photo of the illuminated carving.
A series of stacked bamboo logs had patterns cut into them to form pictures or just a pleasing effect reflective of the natural setting. One, depicted here, featured Mount Fuji, while the other had flowers and suns with lights strung inside. The logs were staggered, and once illuminated would form a unique sculpture.

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