Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bamboo Fence for Erosion Protection

Erosion control and wind protection mini-fence.
A recent trip to the former summer villa of the Japanese Imperial Family found me wandering the garden, and while there I stumbled on this nifty little erosion protection fence. The villa is quite close to the seashore in Izu, protected from ocean winds and weather by the surrounding pines. However, these little fences offered a little extra protection for the lower, perhaps more fragile flowering shrubs and plants that lined the walk.

Fence close-up.

These little fences are woven flat pieces of bamboo and occur in staggered waves.

A not terribly attractive overhead view of the fences and edging.
They must buffer the wind just enough so that the plants don't get utterly beat up, and the sandy soil stays in place. They are also quite attractive and made from materials found on site. I also liked the edging made from old ceramic roof tiles.

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