Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yamamomo Foraging

Yamamomo berries
Foraging is something that I occasionally do in Japan, and yamamomo are one of the best reasons to brazenly defy norms. Chinese bayberry is an evergreen tree found in parks throughout our little region. The bright red fruit first caught my attention for its lovely color and the sparkle of its skin. Setting reason to the side, I tried a bite and found it to be tart and sweet all at once with something of a pine taste, too. I was hooked.

A not very good photo of the tree, I'm afraid.

Since then I have stood under many a tree in a public space and nibbled or waded into shrubbery at the base of these tall trees to get at a particularly delectable looking bunch. A friend gathers hers each year religiously and dries them for use later in desserts or as snacks. I often dream of making a jam or shu with them, but so far have left those ideas only as dreams as I stand under the tree.

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