Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Thousand and One Things to Eat with Rice

Last night I was feeling particularly inspired (for me, that is), and so I cooked up a tasty little series of vegetables and tofu. All the vegetables and the tofu were done on our little fish grill, and the greens I did in the wok. Our kitchen comes with a two burner gas stovetop that has a little fish grill in it. It's sort of a rack you pull out and then lay whatever it is you hope to cook down, close the door, and grill away. Influenced by a neighbor who did her asparagus in it, I thought I'd give it a shot with a some of the stuff we picked up recently.

I simply cut everything up somewhat thinly, dredged it in a bit of oil and assorted spices, and then laid it on the rack. For the sweet potatoes, I did some just in oil, but then later added nutmeg or curry powder just to see what would happen. I did the same for the eggplant, but for the tofu I simply flopped it (gently) about in soy sauce and then put it on the rack. (As I finished roasting one thing and started the next I put it in a pan on the stove with a lid to keep warm.)

All of it turned out really well, although the tofu wasn't as firm as I would have liked. Even the firmest we've been able to find here is still quite soft, but we'll adapt. The sweet potatoes could have been a wee bit softer, but they were still quite tasty and the eggplant was perfect. We served it up with a little bit of wasabi on the side and a glass of cheap red wine. Yum!

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