Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kaki Season in Full Swing

Kaki (persimmon) in Japan come in a couple different varieties. There's the short, fat, almost square looking kind with brown interior, and another that is a bit longer but about as stout. Both are wonderfully sweet, and trees around the city are full of them. My first thought when I see them this time of year are that someone hung Jack-O-Lantern's in the trees, but a closer inspection, of course, reveals these yummy orbs.

Taken at the farm earlier this week, these fruit are on a tree at the end of the lane between the fields that I'd written about earlier this year. I was literally walking my bike out at the end of the workday when I nearly hit my head on one of the low hanging fruit. Seemed like a reminder to snap a photo and have a snack!


~fer said...

They look great!
I never really had this fruit back at home. Only here i have eaten more regularly

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Me, too! I've got a big bowl the farmers dropped off as a surprise last night on our table. They are so yummy!

As always, thanks for reading! You are so good at that!