Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleepy Boar

I can't say I ever thought I would find a wild boar adorable, but this guy is just huggable. Part of a larger screen on display at the Tokyo National Museum the boar snoozes happily amongst a lovely patch of bush clover. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I first saw it, and utterly charmed I sat down for a good fifteen minutes just to watch him nap. (My feet were also killing me, so it seemed a good opportunity.)

Writing this now makes me happy all over again, and reminds me of how wonderful art in all its forms can be. Created in 19th century Edo by Mochizuki Gyokusen, this screen is being viewed and enjoyed by me (and tons of other folks visiting the museum from all over the world) now in the 21st century. I'm waxing a bit trite here, but it is amazing to think that there are things so poignant for the story they tell in words or pictures that time and space become irrelevant.


Diana Dyer said...

I wonder if this wild boar slept the entire time it was being 'depicted' for eternity and how close the artist was actually able to get!

Yes, it is beautiful and worth a good 15 minutes study even if your feet had not been killing you. :-)

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I wondered that, too, Diana. He looks so peaceful, but I imagine it's the artists imagination at work. Probably. Seems like boars would be a bit too unpredictable to sit still for a sketch. Although, you never know!