Friday, October 8, 2010

Scrumptious Daikon Seedlings

The first planting of the farmer's daikon needs to be thinned or "mabiki shiteimas." We planted two seeds in each hole - sort of a safe bet for germination - allowing us to later choose the strongest of the two to keep growing. (I'll be doing the same thing in Daikon Alley shortly.) The beauty of this system is that the extracted seedlings are wonderfully tasty. (I farm and garden with mostly with my stomach, of course!) At this stage, the young leaves are incredibly tender and their spicy flavor makes for a wonderful salad...or quick snack in the field between rows. Thankfully, the field is massive, so there are plenty of seedlings to go around. We all take some home, and put out a few bags at the stall each day, too. They're gone in a flash!


~fer said...

those seedlings look great, I am sure they will taste great as well

also, thanks for the japanese lesson, I was wondering how to say thin out in japanese. Since is my next task for my garden.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

No worries! How did the thinning go? I think I need to catch up on your blog...:)By the way, most seedlings can be least I eat them either in the garden while I'm working or at our next meal. A reward for the work, I guess.