Monday, May 10, 2010

Blogs I Can't Live Without

Blogging requires a fair amount of reading. There's really no way around that. I write about my own experiences and experiments, but I still need to read books, blogs, newspapers, and magazines to keep myself current and put what I'm doing in some sort of context. My reading is also one of the ways I often learn about new ideas, recipes, and get inspiration for my own work.

Luckily, today's topic for the Blogathon (I really recommend perusing the list of bloggers for some great reading, by the way) is five blogs you can't live without. I've listed below the ones I read regularly to keep myself in the loop, inspired, and provoked.

Some of the smartest writing out there about food and food-related topics. Correspondents write about everything from great food finds in foreign countries to growing food to making a mean Tom and Jerry.

My go-to site for any Japanese food question or topic. Covering everything from making rice (there's more to it than one would have thought) to different kinds of miso (unbelievable how many different kinds and uses there are) in an approachable and enthusiastic way this is the site I trust and refer to again and again.

This site covers a topic quite close to my heart. While he doesn't specifically cover farming or gardening (how to do this or that), what he does cover are the green spots that fill every nook and cranny of this megalopolis. Insightful, inspiring, and very often great fun this is a site I visit daily to see what great stuff has been discovered.

I found this site before we left Michigan for Japan over a year ago. It was one of the few windows in English on environmental activity in Japan. I've since found others, but it is still one of the best starting points for information about the action here. I am now part of their team of writers, which gives me even more of an excuse to write about my various adventures!

A recent discovery that I find I can't live without, DigginFood offers practical gardening advice with beautiful photos. The other thing that is fantastic about this site is the quick response of Willi, the blogger, to questions and comments. That's been incredibly helpful, to say the least, as I ponder my own work on the farm and in the garden.


bastish said...

I can't express how upset I am that I did't make your list!

Just kidding. Thank you for the list, they are great for me too. I have a loooooonnnnnggg post about rice growing and rice cooking that I have never made live because it always feels incomplete. Reading that rice link you posted has delayed my post even longer.

Anjuli said...

Loved the links- Blogs are a bit of a "Alice in Wonderland" maze- once you get into sort of tumble into another. Many times the 'tumbles' result from reading someone's blog and seeing other blogs linked or recommended. I love it!!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Kevin, you should know that I gave serious thought to your blog. Truly. I'm not just saying that. (Why is that the more I try to convey my sincerity the more sarcastic I sound?)Get your rice post up! I'd love to read it.

Anjuli, you're so right. I always find myself hopping around, bookmarking, and copying links for future reference. It's fun!