Monday, May 24, 2010

Mado no Tambo: Window Rice Field Haiku

Day Twenty-four of the Blogathon is a group blogging day. (Our previous group blogging day was a post swap.) Our theme this time? Haiku, of course! So, after some pondering, I decided to write about my little tambo. I love this tambo almost as much as I love going to the farm to work with the farmers. Watching the seeds sprout and then grow their first leaves has been so much for this vegetable geek that I wrote two haikus!

Mado no Tambo
Leaves stretch up and up
Stirred by water and light
Spring in a small cup.

Mado no Tambo II
Window tambo grows,
Green leaves and roots run wild there.
Time for a new pot.


Anjuli said...

I can't believe the tambo has grown so tall!!! Amazing!! It is wonderful to watch this develop.

The Haikus were great.

Unknown said...

Love the first best! Especially the last line.

Kathy Murray said...

Beautiful plant and haikus! ;)

Michelle Rafter said...

The first one is my favorite, but they're both very good. What exactly is a tambo?

Michelle Rafter

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks, Anjuli! It's fun to share it, too. :) I'll have to send you half of the four ounces I'll get.

Bike Lady, Thanks! I think I might like that first one the best, too. Although, the last line of the second one is more than true. Those poor things are just crying for their bigger pot!

Thanks, Kathy! It's been fun growing the rice and seeing what's going to happen. Fingers crossed it carries on through the summer months. I should probably call my blog something like The Nervous Gardener.

Hi Michelle, A tambo is the Japanese word for rice field. Actually, it's ONE of the words for rice field. Mado means window, and no is an article that signifies a descriptor. So, mado no tambo means rice field in a window. (This might be more information than you wanted, but it was a great question!)

dana said...

lovely Haiku, not that I was surprised. Your blog is really lovely and informative. Thanks Joan.
Cheers - Dana

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Thanks ever so much, Dana. Those were some words I confess I needed to hear at the moment. I'm glad you like the blog. I've been enjoying yours as well. Looking forward to reading more!