Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Times at the UN University Night Market

Living in one of the world's major cities the options for a Saturday night are endless. Everything from a super high-end restaurant in Omotesando to karaoke around the corner from our apartment to bowling: truly, the world is our oyster here. Yet, for a vegetable geek like me my wild plans for this Saturday didn't include a fancy meal or busting out a personal best of Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. Instead, I opted to spend my evening checking out the wares at the United Nations University Night Farmer's Market.

Many of the same vendors we met during our first visit were on hand with their tasty wares from all parts of Japan greeting visitors with samples of jams and beautiful displays of assorted spring vegetables. A live band played for stall cruisers like us and those settled in at impromptu cafe tables with food dished up a small handful of organic and whole food vendors. We'd already eaten, but after sampling the Nagano Purple and Pyone compotes made by Ito Budo Farm in Nagano (photo of Kazutoshi Ito at left) we just had to have a jar to take home.

The atmosphere remained festive even after the band packed up and the vendors began dismantling their stalls for the night. A number of folks stayed on at the tables despite the chilly spring evening and in spite of a gentle boot from market workers. Even as some of the last boxes were loaded, cups washed, and tables put away in preparation for the next mornings market voices could be heard laughing and chatting. We'll be going again without a doubt.

If you go
United Nations University Night Market
Third Saturday of Each Month
4pm until 8pm
Live music, seasonal vegetables and fruits along with a great variety of homemade edibles and functionals, plus reasonable priced healthy dinner options.
Stations: Omotesando (about a 7 minute walk) or Shibuya (about a 10 minute uphill walk)


Anjuli said...

Oh I do so love the night markets- and this sounded absolutely wonderful. Wish I was there so I could visit this particular night market.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

It was really wonderful. My only wish is that we would have arrived a little earlier. It is a bit of a trek, and since it closed at 8pm we cut it rather close to the end. Another better-scheduled visit is on the docket, though! What night markets do you go to/have you been to?